Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Lobbyist -- Chicago Low-Income Housing Trust Fund (Trust Fund)

Chicago Low-Income Housing Trust Fund (Trust Fund) is soliciting proposals for professional services of a lobbyist in Springfield, Illinois to provide outreach and advocacy for the organization. The Trust Fund is a 501(C)3 organization which provides rental housing subsidies and long-term investments that benefit Chicago residents living below 30% of the area median income. A short description of the Trust Fund and its programs is included at the end of this RFP. The Trust Fund is seeking an individual or firm that has an understanding of the legislative process. Candidates shall have a proven track record in providing this service and is able to maintain professional relationships with state elected officials, as well as other leaders and organizations involved in the process. It is anticipated the Springfield Lobbyist would have a willingness to spend a significant amount of time in Springfield, as necessary. The Springfield Lobbyist is able to demonstrate the ability to work thoroughly, efficiently, and quickly. Summary of Services The Trust Fund seeks proposals to identify an independent contractor to:  Monitor and report on the activities in the Springfield General Assembly as it pertains to the work of the Trust Fund;  Monitor and advocate on behalf of the Trust Fund in regards to the Illinois Rental Housing Support Program and other initiatives as directed by the Trust Fund;  Facilitate communication between the Trust Fund, Illinois General Assembly, Illinois Housing Development Authority and other entities as it relates to legislation that impacts the Trust Fund and/or its funding base;  Expand and maintain a support base in the Illinois General Assembly for the Trust Fund and Illinois Rental Housing Support Program; and  Coordinate with other housing advocates and lobbyists working on the issues of affordable low-income housing. Scope of Work The Springfield Lobbyist will reach out to Illinois government leaders from all parties to assure that they are aware of the good works of the Chicago Low-Income Housing Trust Fund. The Springfield Lobbyist will advocate on behalf of the Trust Fund relating to appropriations and legislation that impact the work of the Trust Fund. The Springfield Lobbyist reports to the Trust Fund’s Executive Director and will provide updates for the Trust Fund’s Outreach Committee and Board of Directors on a regular basis when the General Assembly is in session. Eligible Respondents Respondents should be registered with the State of Illinois as a lobbyist; have extensive experience working on behalf of entities working to provide affordable housing and/or assist low-income residents of Illinois; and have a proven history of successful advocacy for policy initiatives that benefit the people of Illinois. The Springfield Lobbyist will have a solid understanding of the legislative process and will have a proven track record of advocating for legislation. The Springfield Lobbyist has a proven record of building professional relationships with state elected officials, community leaders, and organizations in order to further legislation identified by the sponsoring organization. Chicago Low-Income Housing Trust Fund 121 N. La Salle – Room 1006 Chicago, IL 60602 Phone: 312.744.0675 Fax: 312.742.0552 Proposal Process Respondents should submit:  Narrative of goals and experiences to meet each of the objectives outlined  Educational background  A list of staff including their credentials and training as it relates to this proposal  List of references that includes past lobbyist service experience  Budget request Selection Process The Trust Fund Outreach Committee shall review only written proposals. In the course of the selection process, the Trust Fund may consult with persons and entities that may have information to contribute to the selection process, including the City of Chicago. Additionally, respondents may be asked to submit supplemental information in order to facilitate the Committee’s evaluation of the proposal. The Outreach Committee or the Board of Directors may hold personal interviews with any or all respondents. The Committee will make a recommendation to the Trust Fund Board of Directors for approval. The proposal which is most compatible with and responsive to the Trust Fund’s objectives will be selected. The Trust Fund reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to select any number of proposals or not to select any such proposals it may receive in response to this RFP. The Chicago Low-Income Housing Trust Fund encourages minority owned businesses and women owned businesses (MBE/WBE) to apply under this proposal. Proposal Deadline All respondents are required to deliver their responses by 3 pm on Monday, August 18. Respondents may submit their responses electronically by the deadline to the email address as follows: cary.steinbuck@cityofchicago.org Applications may be delivered electronically or through the mail to the following address: Electronically: info@chicagotrustfund.org By Mail: Chicago Low-Income Housing Trust Fund 121 N. La Salle – Room 1006 Chicago, IL 60602 Attention: Cary Steinbuck, Executive Director Only written / emailed questions regarding this RFP can submitted. E-mailed questions should be forwarded to cary.steinbuck@cityofchicago.org prior to 3 pm on August 17, 2014. All responses will be made in writing or by e-mail solely at the discretion of the Executive Director. A complete list of questions by respondents and responses to those questions are available upon request. BACKGROUND Mission To meet the permanent housing needs of Chicago’s very low-income residents Chicago Low-Income Housing Trust Fund works with property owners and managers and commits valuable resources to assist low-income households bridge the gap between market rate housing and what would be affordable when living below 30% of the area median income. The Trust Fund promotes housing and community stability through the provision of permanent affordable housing. History Chicago Low-Income Housing Trust Fund (Trust Fund) was created by a City Council ordinance on June 28, 1989 and was incorporated as a non-profit organization on February 27, 1990. A Mayoral-appointed Board of Directors supervises the business of the Trust Fund. The board of directors is comprised of 15 individuals who live in the City of Chicago and represent non-profit organizations, private corporations and City government. The Chicago Department of Planning and Development provides administrative staff support for Trust Fund activities. The Trust Fund operates the largest locally, funded rental subsidy program in the country. Programs The Chicago Low Income Housing Trust Fund operates two programs: o Rental Subsidy Program (RSP) The majority of Trust Fund resources are allocated to the Rental Subsidy Program (RSP). Landlords provide housing to persons living below 30% of the area median income with the assistance of a rental subsidy provided by the Trust Fund. This nationally recognized model has seen more than a 200% increase in the number of households assisted since 2006. Today there are more than 2800 subsidies in 600 properties throughout the City of Chicago. Buildings include condominiums, single-family homes, 2-6 unit, multi-family and mixed-use residential dwellings. o Multi-year Affordability through Upfront Investment (MAUI) The remainder of the Trust Fund resources are allocated to our MAUI program. The Trust Fund invests in residential developments to support long-term rent reduction. Trust Fund investments replace more costly sources of financing, allowing debt service savings to lower rents for very low-income households. _____________________________________________________________________________________________ Information about the Chicago Low Income Housing Trust Fund can be found at: www.chicagotrustfund.org. Posted: July 14, 2014 Last time to Submit: 3 pm – Monday, August 18, 2014

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