Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Deputy Executive Director -- US House Office of Compliance

The purpose of this email is to inquire if you would be interested in discussing a Deputy Executive Director position with the House of Representatives, in the Office of Compliance. As a Deputy Executive Director, you will be responsible for being the “face” of the agency in overseeing outreach and education programs within the House as well as training and developing relationships with Congressional staff. The Deputy Executive Director’s work includes: Managing the congressional relations efforts of the Office of Compliance; Increasing the visibility of the Office of Compliance via print, web, and other means; Developing relationships with employing offices, employees, and congressional committees and agencies; Preparing the Office of Compliance’s annual report; and Managing and supervising the education and outreach program, including handbooks, posters, brochures, newsletters and bulletins under the Congressional Accountability Act. The ideal candidate will possess ten+ years of combined labor and employment legal and public relations experience. Any prior employment experience on the Hill is a plus. This is an opportunity to take one’s prior legal and PR training and combine them into a truly unique, fulfilling career. A typical workday for this role would approximate 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM with little or no weekend work (and if this is ever required, is rewarded with comp time). A compressed work week schedule is also available after six months in this role. In the event that this position is of interest, please contact my colleague, Jennifer Rappaport at or at 202-429-5630 ext. 108; she would be happy to provide additional information. In the alternative, if you have a friend or colleague who might find this opportunity appealing, I invite you to share this e-mail with him or her. Thank you for your time.

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