Saturday, December 12, 2009


From time to time, I come across job openings that I have previously sent on to an ever growing distribution list. To make the process easier, since some providers limit the number of e-mails that can be sent in one day--which means it would take four days, as of now, for me to send the same e-mail to everyone on my current distribution list; I've started this blog where I will post any job opening I receive.

There is no charge and no advertising connected with this, simply information that hopefully leads to someone making a good hire, and someone, getting a good job opportunity.

Feel free to forward me any job openings you hear of as well as let me know if one of those posted has already been filled.

Always contact the source connected with the opening as I have no more information on the spot, and certainly no influence in the ulitmate decision to interview, let alone hire, in any of them.

Thanks as always for your consideration, and good luck in your search!

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