Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Republican Study Committee Resume Service

RSC Résumé Service 2010

The RSC will be collecting résumés for new and existing RSC Members Offices.

NOTE: Due to the extremely high volume anticipated, résumés will ONLY be accepted that follow the protocol in this email.

Résumés need to be sent through the RSC Website: http://rsc.tomprice.house.gov/Resumes/. If you have already submitted your résumé through the RSC website, or informally to Jonathan Day or Paul Teller at the RSC, you do NOT need to resubmit your résumé, unless it is not obvious what position you are seeking.

Your submission must have the position you are seeking typed or written somewhere on it. Résumés that do not have the name of the position you are seeking will not be accepted. If you want to be considered for more than one position, please submit one résumé per position. The following are the selected positions:

· Chief of Staff
· Legislative Director
· Legislative Assistant
· Legislative Correspondent
· Counsel
· Communications Director
· New Media
· Scheduler
· Staff Assistant
· Intern

Once we receive your résumé, it will be passed along in a binder to each new Member (and to any existing RSC Member requesting to see résumés) for consideration. Each new and existing RSC Member will handle the hiring process differently.
We also strongly encourage you to submit your résumé and complete the ideological questionnaires at the following two websites, as we will be checking these questionnaires as well:
1) http://www.conservativejobs.com/

2) http://www.heritage.org/about/job-bank

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