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Government and Public Affairs Director, State Affairs -- American Society of Interior Designers’ (ASID)

GOVERNMENT AND PUBLIC AFFAIRS DIRECTOR, STATE AFFAIRS SUMMARY The State Affairs Director of the American Society of Interior Designers’ (ASID) Government and Public Affairs Department is responsible for the legislative, regulatory, and advocacy activities affecting interior designers in all 50-states as well as the District of Columbia. The primary role of the Director will be to support and implement the Society’s state government affairs objectives and be the face of ASID in state capitols. This position will report to the Vice President of Government and Public Affairs and work directly with other ASID headquarters staff as well as ASID’s in-state lobbyists to proactively advance a public policy agenda comprised of a variety of issues affecting commercial and residential interior designers, design students, and their industry partner companies. DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES • Direct the Society's government relations efforts in states and on specific legislative and regulatory issues • Monitor state legislative and regulatory agency activities, develop materials for lobbying and grassroots campaign efforts, contact legislators, governors, and their respective staff, and represent the Society in legislative and regulatory negotiations • Develop proactive strategy and action plans to initiate state legislation addressing the Society's and local chapters' key public policy issues • Build and strengthen relationships with strategic allies (industry groups in and outside of the built environment, governors, state regulators and legislators and other public officials) • Manage and coordinate grassroots projects with and between ASID chapters, especially chapter government affairs chairs • Build ASID chapters' government affairs programs and a nationwide network of state-based grassroots infrastructure in order to advance or defeat public policy issues, through legislation and/or regulations, impacting the interior design profession • Work with ASID national volunteer committees on government affairs and building codes to re-develop their role and increase their involvement in state government affairs • Draft and or develop research, talking points, white papers, and policy memos for ASID's in-state lobbyists, ASID members and external audiences, draft legislative testimony and regulatory comments, and produce other advocacy and written materials • Work in collaboration with all ASID departments to accomplish the government affairs agenda and overall strategic plan of ASID • Other duties as assigned by the Vice President of Government and Public Affairs REQUIRED SKILLS • Demonstrate a thorough knowledge of primarily the state legislative process and, as needed, the regulatory process of state governments • Demonstrate a thorough knowledge of state elected / appointed officials and respective staff • Demonstrate an ability to build strong, long term relationships with a wide variety of decision makers and stakeholders in the public and private sector • Demonstrate an ability to work with various branches of state government • Demonstrate an ability to manage multiple projects at one time, deadlines, and respond to shifting priorities across multiple states • Demonstrate overall ability to be proactive and a self-starter with an exceptional attention to detail • Creates and maintains an excel spreadsheet database of all contacts (and their contact information) established at the state level of government • Assembles, organizes, and analyzes political data and legislation to determine their effect on ASID members and the built environment • Demonstrates an ability to strategically schedule, prioritize, prepare for, and follow-up on all meetings • Demonstrates an ability to strategically schedule, prioritize, prepare for all travel to state capitols • Overall, demonstrates proactive communication, especially including “up-to-theminute” replies on behalf of ASID to elected/appointed officials and their staff in the state governments • Demonstrates ability to not only research and analyze a topic or individual thoroughly, but to execute said actions in a “rapid response” situation and/or between meetings with public officials and their staff • Consistently proposes ASID government affairs and legislative agenda items to pursue at the state levels. Manages implementation of said items as necessary in direct consultation with in-state lobbyists • Participates in tactical planning meetings with the Vice President of Government & Public Affairs • Assists government affairs communications efforts, including integrating national messaging and rebranding campaigns • Travel, as necessary, to state capitols and events for state government officials / staff • Draft internal reports and memos for the Vice President of Government & Public Affairs as needed • Draft talking points, research memos, white papers and any other documents/materials necessary to advance ASID or a legislative agenda item at the state level of government • Remain constantly “in the know” regarding the “state of play” in state and federal elections and general political activity at the state level • Demonstrate experience and knowledge of state and federal campaign finance laws, especially with regard to political action committees • Demonstrated experience to responsibly manage a sizeable travel budget • Personable and politically savvy with proven leadership and research skills • Excellent customer service, written, proof reading and oral communications skills • Demonstrate an ability and be comfortable with speaking to large audiences • Experience working with state legislatures and across several states is preferred • Intermediate to advanced knowledge of Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, web browser, email, and the use of technology to conduct grassroots campaigns • Assure discreet handling of all ASID business and government affairs matters • Always operate within all legal and ethical boundaries of local, state, and federal laws regarding government affairs professionals WORK ENVIRONMENT Overall this is a fast paced position and work load. The individual will be expected to operate with minimal instruction or supervision and must be able to multitask and prioritize a wide variety of assignments/tasks. The individual will be required to have a high degree of adaptability as they will be faced with a variety of issues on a day-to-day basis and expected to quickly respond to these issues appropriately. Therefore, the incumbent must be well organized, professional, and exercise the ability to work independently and collaboratively. Advanced written and communication skills are required. The individual must also be comfortable working with all political parties. A standard 40 hour work week will be very rare. Fulfilling the duties and responsibilities of this position should result in approximately a 65 hour work week or more depending on the work load of state legislature(s) and event schedules associated with them. The ability to work flexible and longer than normal work hours on a daily basis is expected. Also note that overnight travel will be required (approx. 30-50%). Finally, the individual must have a results-focused approach, a willingness to go the extra mile to work hard, and an overall energy/enthusiasm for politics and government affairs. EDUCATION and/or EXPERIENCE Bachelor’s degree required in Political Science, Public Affairs, Communications, or a related field with four or more years of experience in a similar government affairs position; or equivalent experience working as a staffer during state legislative sessions. SALARY Commensurate with experience AMERICAN SOCIETY OF INTERIOR DESIGNERS (ASID) The American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) is an association of designers, industry representatives, educators and students all committed to advancing the practice of interior design as well as demonstrating the power it has to positively change people’s lives. ASID’s Government and Public Affairs Department plays a crucial role in upholding the entire association as the voice of the industry by representing its’ members at all levels of government throughout the United States. The role of a professional interior designer on a construction/renovation project is to work closely with the public, commercial, or residential owner or tenant to fulfill their goal of how a structure’s interior space will function and consequently affect future occupants. To accomplish this, interior designers are directly involved from start to finish in all major phases of constructing or renovating and work alongside architects, engineers, developers and construction contractors. Interior designers focus on and specialize in planning and monitoring construction of a building’s interior elements such as non-load bearing walls, HVAC systems, hallways, walkways, entrance and exit doors, stairwells, lighting quality and quantity, and even acoustics and security elements. They are also highly responsible for ensuring the interior components/materials of a structure comply with fire codes, life safety plans, energy codes and other building/construction codes as well as the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). To apply, please submit a cover letter, salary requirements and resume to

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