Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Open Position - Staff Assistant -- January 13th, 2010

Advantage, Inc.

Advantage, Inc. is one of the most reliable telephone contact firms used by Republican candidates and public affairs organizations. We are a creative, fast-moving company made up of personnel with decades of combined experience in political campaigns.

Open Position - Staff Assistant

Advantage, Inc. seeks a staff assistant to manage all of the administrative functions in our office.

Daily Responsibilities

-Invoice all projects

-Keep records of all running projects, ensure everything is properly invoiced

-Enter hard copies of invoices into binders

-Answer Phones

-Open Mail

-Copy Checks and Deposits/Enter into Quickbooks

-Enter credit card transactions into Quickbooks

-Email message recordings

-Work with vendors to handle billing and administrative questions and issues

-File Paperwork

-Assist staff with their daily responsibilities

Ongoing Responsibilities

-Ensure office is stocked with enough supplies (paper, ink, pens, pads, water, envelopes)

-Make sure office is organized and clean

-Cut and distribute checks (non-payroll)

-Keep up to date client list (including address information)

-Keep up to date election calendars

-Research election information

-Keep up to date regulatory information

-Assist in updating website

-Assist in constructing client communications and emails

-Work with building managers to troubleshoot issues when they arise

-Assist in collecting receivables

-Manage office and cellular phone systems

Technical Responsibilities

-Work with IT firm to coordinate everything IT related

-Troubleshoot internet, email and blackberry issues

-Help staff install programs when necessary

-Research and troubleshoot problems when they arise (i.e. minor questions in excel)

-Find ways to maximize efficiency for all employees (i.e. synch calendars, documents) when possible

-Organize server files

-Communicate with IT firm to ensure system is running smoothly; proactively troubleshoot issues before they arise


-Bachelor’s Degree

-Creative Thinking and Problem Solving Abilities


-A “Get it done” type of attitude

Compensation and Benefits

-Health Insurance
*If interested in applying, please email with a resume and cover letter.

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