Sunday, September 12, 2010

Managing Director for Alliance Development @ BIO

Biotechnology Industry Organization
1201 Maryland Avenue SW, Suite 900
Washington, DC  


Position Title: Managing Director for Alliance Development
Department: State Government Relations & Alliance Development
Reports to: Vice President, State Government Relations & Alliance Development

Position Summary:

The primary purpose of this position is to build alliances with patient advocacy organizations, local/national/international business organizations, state and federal government relations, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology communities.

Essential Job Duties and Responsibilities:
1. Build alliances to help advance the objectives of the Biotechnology Industry Organization and the overall biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry as a whole
2. Direct and allocate budget to build alliances through donations, sponsorships, endorsements, and joint advocacy activities
3. Manage a small staff
4. Coordinate advocacy activities across all functions of the biotechnology industry
5. Build and utilize partnerships with organizations to advance annual objectives within the BIO Work Plan
6. Provide leadership through outreach to other organizations and groups who are key players in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry
7. Perform routine relationship management with BIO alliances through attendance at their sponsored activities, such as dinners, speeches, panels, galas, etc…
8. Manage annual budget to ensure changes in allocations as necessary in order to meet BIO goals and objectives

Knowledge and Skills Required:

• Comprehensive knowledge of the personnel and mission statements of organizations with whom BIO currently maintains alliances
• Excellent problem solving skills to maintain good relationships with current BIO alliances
• Strong managerial skills to effectively direct and organize staff in ways that advance the objectives in the BIO Work Plan
• Strong organizational skills and attention to detail
• Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal, for partnerships with BIO employees and external alliances
• Proven ability to develop strategies that address the needs of unaffiliated organizations that encourage them to partner with BIO

Education and Experience Required:

• Strong academic training with an advanced degree preferred
• Minimum 8-10 years of relevant work experience
• Experience with the biotechnology industry extremely valuable

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