Friday, June 7, 2013

Manager of Child Health Policy, Nemours Office of Child Health Policy and Advocacy

Manager of Child Health Policy, Nemours Office of Child Health Policy and Advocacy Nemours - Washington, DC (Washington D.C. Metro Area) To Apply: Job Description Nemours is seeking a Manager of Child Health Policy to join our team in Washington, DC. The Manager of Child Health Policy position resides within the Nemours Office of Child Health Policy and Advocacy. The position’s main focus will be leading policy research and development efforts in the area of healthy child development, prevention, child health quality and health outcomes, and other child health issues supporting the Director of Child Health Policy and Advocacy and working in close collaboration with the Manager of Advocacy. Specific responsibilities will include working with internal Nemours business partners to acquire in-depth understanding of areas in which Nemours is a model, including, but not limited to, our quality processes and outcomes within the enterprise’s hospitals and clinics, Nemours’ approach to prevention and integration of population health and medical care, Nemours’ integrated child health system, and Nemours’ HIT and electronic medical record (EMR) systems. In addition, the Manager will engage in independent research and analysis of healthy child development, prevention, pediatric quality and outcomes, HIT, Medicaid payment reform and other innovative models that Nemours might learn about in order to identify areas where Nemours is leading industry practices and serving as a national model. The Manager of Child Health Policy will also be responsible for identifying opportunities for and fostering and maintaining strategic partnerships with other child advocacy organizations, allied coalitions, White House staff, government agency staff and Congressional staff, working in collaboration with the Manager of Advocacy. He or she will be responsible for developing these relationships to advance Nemours’ national policy and practice agenda. Other potential projects and deliverables include the development of health policy recommendations, legislation, policy briefs, Congressional testimony and regulatory comments; convening meetings and briefings of key organizations or leaders in the field; and lobbying where appropriate, working in collaboration with the Manager of Advocacy. The position also provides a leadership role in developing, maintaining and building key contacts. The Manager of Child Health Policy will report to the Director of the Office of Child Health Policy and Advocacy and will work closely with the Manager of Advocacy. o Manage - Makes recommendations for the advancement of Nemours’ policy agenda related to healthy child development, child health quality and health outcomes and other child health areas as directed; drive efforts that encourage change in policies that are consistent with goals of the National Office. The Manager of Child Health Policy will staff subcommittee(s) of the Policy and Advocacy Workgroup, which includes high-level leaders within Nemours. The Manager works independently and is able to develop project plans and delegate tasks effectively, if necessary. The Manager may supervise and coach associates, interns and/or fellows at the National Office (performance reviews, establish work expectations, mentor). The incumbent will require minimal supervision. o Leverage Expertise - Leverages subject matter knowledge to develop and manage strategies and objectives to advance the policy and advocacy goals of the National Office. The Manager of Child Health Policy collaborates with other staff to implement effective strategies, policies and tactics. The Manager of Child Health Policy contributes intellectual and technical policy support and makes recommendations and decisions to help form and advance the Office’s strategic policy and advocacy goals. o Research and Analysis - Stays current with policy development, legislation, stakeholder positions, grant-funding opportunities and research in the field and advises leadership team (the Director of the Advocacy Office and Vice President of Policy and Prevention) of these positions and strategies. The Manager of Child Health Policy will also stay up-to-date on current policies, primarily at the federal level, that relate to prevention, child health quality and outcomes, in order to identify opportunities for Nemours to be seen as a model and advance its policy goals. The Manager of Child Health Policy will also inform and disseminate information and ensure appropriate communication throughout Nemours as necessary. o Child Health Policy Writing - Leads the development and writing of child health policy and research reports, policy briefs and presentations for Nemours internal business partners, stakeholders in the field, political champions and professional publications. o Advance Outreach Efforts and Communications - Plays a key role in the National Office’s strategic partnerships and coalition-building strategies with other organizations focused on child health quality and outcomes and other assigned areas. This includes acting as one of the lead communicators and message developers for our strategies to policymakers, stakeholders and coalitions, as well as to internal audiences. o Strategy Development - Leads in developing strategies and strategic thinking related to policy development to accomplish the Nemours mission of being a preeminent voice for children. Additional Responsibilities: • Proactively follows Nemours budget and business processes, including compliance with government rules and regulations. • Maintains a shared database of all of the National Office’s strategic partnerships, presentations, meetings, visits to Congressional offices, press releases, policy briefs and any other information to help track and measure the policy and advocacy efforts of the Office. • Seeks out and attends briefings and hearings on the topics of healthy child development, prevention, pediatric quality and HIT and reports findings to the Director. • Potentially works with internal Nemours business partners to apply for grant or other funding and aids in the development and execution of related programs. • Attends meetings with other advocacy groups in order to build up Nemours’ strategic partnerships and increase the organization’s capacity. Desired Skills & Experience Requirements: • A Master's degree is required. • At least 5-7 years in relevant experience preferred. In lieu of formalized supervisory work experience, candidates must have demonstrated experience in effectively leading and managing teams and projects. • Establish comprehensive knowledge of population-based prevention, healthy child development, Medicaid payment reform, child quality health and outcomes, as well as how the use of HIT and EMRs have improved the efficiency and practices in those settings. In addition, the Manager must be able to demonstrate the skills in applying this knowledge for effective strategies. • Knowledge of different approaches in the development of policy analysis and practice implementation. • Knowledge of management principles and methods, including effective delegation and supervision. • Ability to thoroughly analyze conditions and reach independent decisions without supervision. • Ability to work independently in a matrix organization, including the ability to plan and organize with little assistance and integrate work across the enterprise. • Ability to work effectively with persons from multicultural and multidisciplinary settings. • Ability to effectively manage conflicts. • Ability to communicate effectively towards targeted audiences. • Ability to work collaboratively on teams. • Must be comfortable describing and presenting complex issues related to health to informal and formal groups (both oral or written). Company Description As one of the nation’s premier pediatric health care systems, Nemours provides world-class clinical care in four states: Delaware, Florida, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Located in Wilmington, Delaware, the Nemours/Alfred I. duPont Hospital for Children offers intensive and acute inpatient and outpatient services covering more than 30 pediatric specialties. Ranked among the nation’s best in pediatric specialty care by U.S. News & World Report, this world-renowned teaching hospital has served children from 42 states and 14 nations. Extending the world-class care of the Nemours/Alfred I. duPont Hospital, Nemours duPont Pediatrics provides expert care for even more children across the Delaware Valley through community-based physician services and collaborative partnerships with health and hospital systems. Co-located in Washington, D.C. (Office of Child Health Policy and Advocacy), and Wilmington, DE, Nemours National Office of Policy and Prevention works to promote policies and practices to improve the health and well-being of children nationwide and to promote prevention at Nemours. Our National Office leverages Nemours’ innovations and expertise to impact national policies and practices that reach millions of children across the country who will never “walk through our doors.” And, we also help drive and inform innovation at Nemours by facilitating learning and communicating opportunities about promising policies and practices to the right experts, particularly in the area of prevention and optimal health and well-being for children. As an equal opportunity employer, Nemours is committed to focusing on the best-qualified applicants for our openings.

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