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Vice President of development -- SAFE

VICE PRESIDENT OF DEVELOPMENT WASHINGTON, DC ORGANIZATION Securing America's Future Energy (SAFE), is an action oriented, non-ideological organization committed to reducing America’s dependence on oil and improving U.S. energy security in order to bolster national security and strengthen the economy. SAFE believes the nation’s dependence on oil is one of the single greatest threats to our long-term security and prosperity. Events over the past year have again made crystal clear the serious and ongoing threats posed by our nation’s dependence on petroleum. From increasing geopolitical tensions in oil-rich regions of the world, to a trade deficit in crude oil and refined products that was nearly $300 billion in 2012, the nation’s inability to address energy security compromises our national security and threatens our economic well-being. SAFE has laid out an ambitious plan to advance energy security in the United States focusing on expanding domestic oil and natural gas production, improving fuel efficiency, and aiding a long-term shift in the transportation sector toward electrification of light-duty vehicles and natural gas for heavy-duty trucks. Severing oil's stranglehold on our economy would represent a substantial strategic and economic victory for America. SAFE’s proposals were embraced in the State of the Union address by two different Presidents. In his 2013 State of the Union, President Obama outlined his plan to implement one of SAFE’s policy recommendations, the establishment of an Energy Security Trust, and credited the ESLC for coming up with the idea. In 2007, President George W. Bush used the State of the Union to propose a plan closely mirroring a SAFE proposal, which ultimately led to the first improved fuel economy standards in a generation. SAFE made its public debut in 2005 with Oil ShockWave, a fast-paced and realistic war game exercise led by former U.S. cabinet members. It then formed partnerships with some of the country’s leading corporate executives and retired military officials to develop innovative methods to educate, communicate and advocate for policy solutions to America’s looming energy crisis. SAFE’s Energy Security Leadership Council is co-chaired by Frederick W. Smith, Chairman and CEO of FedEx Corporation, and General P.X. Kelley, USMC (Ret.). 28th Commandant, U.S. Marine Corps. In 2009 SAFE launched the Electrification Coalition, a nonpartisan, not-for-profit group of business executives representing the entire value chain of an electrified transportation system, from automakers to utilities, to promote the deployment of electric vehicles on a mass scale. SAFE provides fact-based analysis of energy policy, markets, and trends through a combination of original research, high-profile public events, traditional and social media outlets, and public advocacy. The organization’s policy platform is truly non-partisan and forces members of both major political parties to set aside long-held orthodoxies for the good of the country. Some of the initiatives SAFE is undertaking to strengthen U.S. energy security and reduce the country’s dependence on oil include: Implementation of Electric Vehicle Deployment Community Projects SAFE and the Electrification Coalition have launched two major projects to support the deployment of electric vehicles in strategically-chosen communities and prove that significant adoption of electric vehicles is possible in an environment in which regulatory policy, education, infrastructure, and other services come together in an integrated way. The current projects are Drive Electric Northern Colorado (DENC) and Drive Electric Orlando (DEO). SAFE and the EC have also initiated partnerships with some of the nation’s largest corporations to advance adoption of electric vehicles in commercial vehicle fleets. Legislation Despite political challenges, it is imperative to continue to push for comprehensive energy policy legislation. Political gridlock in Washington will continue to be an obstacle to substantive reforms; however, SAFE’s national and economic security credentials make it uniquely well-positioned to be the leading voice influencing energy policy, and it is imperative to lay the groundwork now to be ready for when the political environment is ripe. Conservative Outreach Due to its focus on national and economic security, SAFE has a unique ability to engage conservative thought leaders and lawmakers on energy policy. Through targeted research, impactful public events, and the mobilization of trusted advocates, the organization is working to frame energy security policy in a way that brings conservatives to the table. SAFE was founded in 2004 and employs 12 people and multiple consultants; it has a budget of approximately $5 million with immediate plans for rapid growth. OPPORTUNITY SAFE seeks a fundraising leader of extraordinary talent, passion and commitment to advance, expand and implement a comprehensive revenue strategy and fundraising activities. Working closely with the President and Board of Directors, the Vice President of Development (Vice President Development) will be responsible for identifying, engaging and managing high net worth individuals, corporate donors, and foundations. The Vice President Development must give special attention to SAFE’s goal of fostering positive relationships with the philanthropic community. This position provides a unique opportunity to imagine, create and build a fundraising strategy that builds on the success achieved to date by SAFE. S/he will leverage all of the resources of the organization, including the remarkable base of supporters, high profile board contacts and a variety of research reports and expertise to fuel the next phase of growth The Vice President Development will design a development strategy to raise upwards of $8.5 million per year. S/he will ensure that development, marketing, and communications strategies align with the strategic plan and support guarantee long-term financial sustainability REPORTING STRUCTURE The Vice President Development will report to the CEO and will manage and mentor a development associate. S/he will hire a Staff Assistant and Grants Manager. POSITION DESCRIPTION Growing recognition of its work is changing the fundraising potential for SAFE. As an example, President Obama mentioned SAFE in the 2013 State of the Union. The majority of SAFE’s funding comes from high net worth individuals in addition to foundations and corporations. Building on the current base of committed donors, the Vice President of Development will leverage the organization’s increasing impact and rising visibility to develop new funding partners. Donor lead generation, board mobilization, and relationship building will be at the heart of this role. The Vice President Development will build a cultivation engine through which the CEO’s time is focused on closing major gifts. S/he will serve as the CEO’s deputy by nurturing existing relationships and laying the groundwork for new ones. PRIORITIES Donor Generation and Cultivation: The Vice President of Development will have a particular passion for developing one-on-one relationships with new potential funding partners in the $100,000 to $1M plus per year gift range. While SAFE has a solid base of support, it will need to continue nurturing new funding relationships to meet ambitious growth projections. The Vice President of Development should also develop and retain a base of donors at the $10,000 - $20,000 level. The average gift is currently $100,000. Design and Execute a Three-Year Development Plan: The Vice President of Development must establish a strategic development plan with measurable goals and execute against the plan and adjust as necessary. Additionally, s/he must revamp the donor communication vehicles to connect more effectively and with prospects and donors; tailor communications to be more targeted to specific constituents. It is crucial to ensure that SAFE’s projects are adequately funded. Build and Manage a Thriving Development Department: The Development Department currently consists of one associate and three consultants. The Vice President of Development will be charged with hiring a Staff Assistant and a Grants Manager and then ensuring that the team operates efficiently and creatively. The department should be well integrated with the entire organization and communicate its needs, goals and successes regularly. The Development team should be well educated on the goals and successes of the organization and be able to determine the best way to leverage its achievements into additional funding relationships. Additionally, the Development team will work closely with SAFE’s board as necessary and appropriate, particularly with the Development Chair. Leverage Relationships: A key success factor in this role will be to establish effective communications and working relationships with CEO with whom the Vice President of Development will partner to drive fundraising efforts. The Vice President of Development will also leverage the relationships with the Board and the Energy Security Leadership Council members to generate new donors. S/he will be tasked with supporting the CEO’s efforts to recruit new board and committee members. TRAVEL REQUIREMENTS 25-35% domestic travel. PROFESSIONAL QUALIFICATIONS  Minimum of 10 years or more of professional experience with a proven track record of securing six- and seven-figure, multi-year commitments from a variety of funding sources.  Strategic thinker who has the ability to build consensus.  Effectiveness in a dynamic, fast-paced work environment and quickly-growing institution.  Self-directed, resourceful, candid and assertive contributor.  Has networks among foundations, major donors and social investors in related sectors, including security, energy, sustainability, and/or civic engagement.  Experience leading a $5+ million per year development effort with innovative stewardship strategies and best in class systems.  Passionate commitment to SAFE’s mission, vision and strategic direction.  Excellent project and process management skills generating impressive results. Understands the power of planning, research and targeted solicitation.  Knows how to use technology to engage constituents and smartly deploy communications and new media. (SAFE currently uses Campaign Monitor and Donor Perfect.)  Ability to thrive effectively and efficiently in a creative, dynamic, deadline-driven environment with grace and laughter.  Gets up to speed quickly on policy and complex program offerings.  Superior follow-through and time management skills.  Knows how to build a world-class fundraising plan; can use the strengths of the team and board organization to advance the mission. Strategic thinker who is an effective time manager and knows how to prioritize.  Can manage an army of advisors, volunteers and consultants.  Creative fundraiser who doesn’t rely on the tried and true. Thinks outside the Beltway but has a complete understanding of Washington politics. Has worked both sides of the aisle and is a centrist.  Strong editorial and grant writing experience.  Bachelor’s degree required; advanced degree preferred. PERSONAL ATTRIBUTES  Thrives in a high energy environment, with the ability to manage multiple priorities simultaneously.  Confident speaker with excellent written communication skills.  Ambitious and strategic with the entrepreneurial spirit and the business know-how to create, rigorously test, and implement new ideas.  Team player and collaborator who is open and transparent about process and progress. Willing to pitch in and help others when needed.  Takes initiative, not afraid of speaking truth to power or facing challenges. Resilient and willing to test theories and ideas.  Straightforward, accurate and honest. No drama.  Good sense of humour.  Balanced blend of optimism and realism.  Above average intelligence and fact driven.  Highly competent and detail oriented.  Independent worker, a self-starter with strong organizational skills and a can-do attitude.  Excellent interpersonal skills. COMPENSATION Salary is competitive, commensurate with experience, and includes a competitive benefits package including medical, dental, long term disability, $100,000 life insurance, a phone and a 403(b) plan. SAFE pays 100% of health premiums. It matches up to 3% in contributions to the retirement plan. APPLICATION PROCESS SAFE is an Equal Opportunity Employer and encourages candidates of all backgrounds to apply for this position. All inquiries, nominations and applications are to be directed to SAFE’s search firm, The Dubrof Group, at Applications should include a letter of interest and resume in MSWORD. Please indicate in your cover letter where you learned of the opportunity. NO PHONE CALLS PLEASE. Only those candidates invited for screening will be contacted.

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