Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Manager of Federal Relations -- Western Governors' Association

Western Governors’ Association Seeking Applicants for Manager of Federal Relations The Western Governors' Association (WGA) is seeking applicants for the position of Manager of Federal Relations in WGA’s Washington, D.C. office. Applications should be submitted by August 16, 2013 to the address below. Overview The mission of the office is to advance the interests of the Association with Congress, the Administration, state representatives and stakeholder groups in the national capital. The Association’s interests are defined by the policy resolutions and work plan directives adopted by Western Governors under provisions of the WGA Articles of Incorporation and By-laws. Political leadership for the WGA Washington Office is provided by the Chair, Vice Chair and Executive Director. Required Skills and Knowledge • A thorough knowledge of Congress (especially the committees of Congress important to the West), the Administration and federal agencies. • An understanding of public policy issues of particular importance to the Western United States. • The ability to create and execute strategies for the promotion and implementation of WGA policy priorities through legislation, administrative actions or other means. • The ability to build coalitions, develop relationships and deploy resources to advance the Governors’ policy agenda. • Outstanding communications skills. The successful candidate will possess writing and verbal skills that are demonstrably informative and persuasive. • Knowledge of the Western state/federal relationship and an understanding of the tensions that arise in this relationship in both administrative and legislative arenas. • Sensitivity to diverse political views and positions and a commitment to the development of bipartisan solutions. • Experience working with or for Governors is preferred. Education and Experience • Bachelor’s degree. • At least 3 years of experience in political and government affairs activities at the state and federal level including working with stakeholder groups. • Experience in a Governor’s office and/or a Congressional member’s office or committee office is preferred. • The candidate shall also demonstrate: strong organizational skills to manage multiple tasks; strong writing skills; and a facility with public speaking. Compensation • Compensation for this Washington, D.C. - based, position is competitive and includes salary, health and retirement plan and paid leave. Please direct recommendations and applicant resumes by 5:00 p.m. EDT on August 15, 2013, to: Chris McKinnon Operations Director cmck@westgov.org office: 303-623-9378

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