Thursday, July 29, 2010

Director, Governmental Affairs

Dear Friends,

I wanted to pass along a job listing for a Director of Governmental Affairs. The ideal candidate would have extensive experience in state or local government. Please direct any possible candidate to email


Director, Governmental Affairs

Job Summary:

Responsible for development of vision, strategy and execution of high-level governmental legislative outreach policies and programs by deepening relationships with key stakeholders and clearly articulating company policy positions through a consistent messaging strategy. Key stakeholders include regulators, legislators, issuers, institutional investors and other capital markets influencers (e.g., investment banks, law firms, and research analysts), academics, opinion leaders and policy and research organizations, other public company auditors, and internal employees.

Main Responsibilities:

Determine stakeholders critical to the delivery of the company's product offerings and services and develop relationships based on analysis of the geopolitical environment.
Arrange for visits between the company's leadership team and key federal and state legislators, governors and/or administration members; represent the company at various federal, state and local legislative events and education-related forums.
Engage State Chief Education Officers, Superintendents and important federal and state grassroots organizations (including PTAs, Teacher's Organizations, Chamber of Commerce, Boys and Girls Club, etc.) to champion policies that support business in the areas of School Designs, Achievement Services (professional services, tutoring, summer school), and online schools and courses.
Manage relationships with community stakeholders by arranging for visits by parents, children, and school leaders to the offices of local legislators and visits by government officials to brick/mortar and online schools in their districts or states.
Support Developers identifying partnerships for creating new business relationships with educators and communities.
Manage the collection and disbursement of campaign contributions and ensure compliance with FEC and state finance regulations as the Treasurer for our corporate political action committees.
Approve all official PAC communications with FEC, applicable states, IRS, contributions and candidates.
Approve all disbursements of PAC funds and ensure that the proper filing of required reports and documentation with the FEC and applicable states occurs in a timely manner.

Strategy Development:

Develop and implement outreach strategy to federal, state and local policymakers and school district officials with whom no current relationship exists.
Assist in the coordination of disparate division resources at the field level (including communications/marketing, development/sales, education operations, enrollment/student recruitment) to ensure a fully integrated grassroots influence campaign.
Utilize appropriate research and analytic insight necessary to promote policy initiatives and messaging efforts through a viable grassroots network.

Legislation, Regulations and Policy:

Monitor federal, state and local legislative and regulatory proposals to assess potential impact on the delivery of company's product offerings and services; help influence and develop company's positions on policy issues.
Draft legislation/regulation or legislative/regulatory language to be introduced for consideration.
Prepare legislative testimony and briefings for members of the company's senior executive team.


Bachelor's degree in Political Science, Communications, Education, Social Science, or other related field.
Advanced degree in Business, Public Policy, Law, Public Administration or similar field preferred.
7+ years experience in state or local political affairs.
Proven creative thinking and effective strategic planning ability.
Previous experience as legislator or a senior level education official preferred.
Ability to travel up to 60%.

To apply:
Please send resumes to


  1. where is this job located?????

  2. Where is this job located and who is the employer?