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Marketing Manager, International at BIO

We are recruiting for the attached position. If you are interested or if you know someone that would be interested in the attached position, please let me know via email with a resume attached. Please feel free to contact me with any questions.
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Julia McGrath
Human Resources Manager
Biotechnology Industry Organization
1201 Maryland Avenue, S.W., Suite 900
Washington, DC 20024
Tel: 202-962-9229
Fax: 202-488-6308

Position Title: Marketing Manager, International
Department: Conventions & Conferences
Reports to: 75% Managing Director, Sales & Marketing
25% Executive Vice President, International Affairs
Position Summary:

A key element for this position is to be able to invest in international relations and build report and efficient communications with the international stakeholders within the Association and convention. There are synergetic activities this position will handle such as relations with the consulates and international associations that will benefit both association activities and international convention attendee growth. An estimated 20% of the work will require out-of-the-office meetings and travel to industry events and key international organizations such as consulates, embassies and the US State Department to develop the relationships and move our business objectives forward.

For 75% of the work year, this position focuses on the international attendee recruitment, delegation liaison and international attendee marketing and promotion issues related to the BIO International Convention. This individual shall have measurable goals to grow and nurture the international groups affiliated with the BIO International Convention. As such, the Marketing Manager, International shall have a responsibility to represent the interests of the international visitors to the event to BIO staff.

For 25% of the work year, this position makes vital connections and supports the international

Activities of the Association. The activities include monitoring and promoting policy, regulatory and advocacy areas, international events and member relations.

This position will track the global political trends, international life science trends and be able to make the right connections to our business objectives forward. In addition, this position will analyze and monitor our attendee country trends to be able to organize our attendee prospect data and be able to produce marketing collateral both online and print that organizes the key event assets to the international community.

The incumbent in this position will be entrepreneurial and continually seek to educate new audiences to the BIO International Convention and other international meetings like the BIO China meeting. This individual will aggressively promote BIO’s international conferences and conventions in order to drive excitement and increase attendance in all of these events.

The incumbent will become familiar with the advocacy and policy goals of BIO to ensure that the messaging used to market the international convention are not at cross purposes with these goals. To ensure this is the case, the incumbent will regularly attend the BIO internal international advocacy staff meetings to understand the current state of play on advocacy and policy matters.

This individual will have the confidence, experience and poise to deliver remarks to international audiences.

Essential Job Duties and Responsibilities for the BIO International Convention:

The BIO International Convention is a key asset for the Biotechnology Industry Organization. We have grown the international attendance at the convention to 35% (5300 attendees) and see the potential to grow this attendance base.

• Serve as the point-of-contact for foreign delegations, with a focus on handling of foreign officials, during the planning of and on-site at the convention.

o Craft the international public official’s guidelines and supervise a 6-month consultant to handle the 200+ international public officials so that their visits to the event are productive.

o Establish continuing relationships with embassies, trade associations, and consulates to coordinate these high-level ministers and public official’s participation in the BIO International Convention.

• Serve as staff liaison for the International Delegation Organizers and any other appropriate committees, as needed. Provide consistent and up-to-date communications to all international delegations. Identify new international organizers as needed.

• Interface directly and proactively with BIO staff with international responsibilities. Coordinate closely with the Executive Vice President for International Affairs to ensure that BIO advocacy, business, and policy goals are understood across departments and balanced appropriately.

• Identify international meetings and events, and occasionally attend, for BIO to participate in to promote the BIO International Convention and international attendance. Host pre event consulate and other briefings including web-based as needed.

• Lead and coordinate with Program staff to plan, development and execute the international program at the convention.

• Serve as the liaison for the Public Officials reception to represent the international community.

• Coordinate the international award.

• Work to ensure that the annual Scientific American Program is appropriately supported and successful.

• Work closely with the EVP for International to establish an annual “Global Regulatory Harmonization Conclave” at each BIO International Convention.

• Work with our Exhibit Sales staff on country pavilion sales efforts.

• Plan and execute the international section of the event website ( including the VISA application tool and other marketing materials as needed.

• Analyze and plan to maintain the data for international attendee prospects to ensure we are always reaching out to the key prospects.

• Plan and organize an editorial email calendar for the international community that is in compliment with the general editorial email calendar.

• Maintain up-to-date understanding of conventions & conferences procedures and timelines.

• Assist on other marketing team efforts as needed.

Essential Job Duties and Responsibilities for Biotechnology Industry Organization International Relations:

The Biotechnology Industry Organization is growing in international relations activities to better serve the business needs of our 1,200 company members. The member service areas that are expanding are regulatory work with foreign country federal drug administrations, global intellectual property issues and other advocacy issues that can create harmonization for key regulatory life science areas.

25% of this position time (approx 525 hours) will be focused on the following:

• Building relationships with international key stakeholders to recruit new international entities

• Promotion and messaging for BIO member company participation in international committees and events to expand their businesses oversees.

• Liaison with consultants, global thought leaders and member committees to better the business climates for the BIO members through policy, advocacy and regulatory compliance.

• Serve as a team member to support the new ventures and events.

• Work with the BIO policy and advocacy team to entice key foreign regulators, policy makers and key opinion leaders to attend the BIO International Convention so as to help create an annual advocacy platform at the BIO International Convention and international meetings. The goal will be to ensure the attendance of an annual roster of key governmental/business officials that BIO member companies will want to visit with at the BIO International Convention.

• Work closely with BIO international advocacy staff to maximize the utility of the BIO International Convention and other BIO international meetings to realize BIO's international advocacy goals.

Knowledge and Skills Required:

The successful candidate will have a solid understanding and knowledge of international marketing and event coordination. They must be very organized, independent worker, pay close attention to detail and possess strong communication skills, both written and verbal. The successful candidate will have a deep appreciation for building relationships and networks that support our business needs.

3-5 years experience in supervising consultants and building relationships with international business organizations.

3-5 years experience interacting regularly with individuals whose primary language is not English in a business setting.

Desire and capability to learn the BIO Policy and Advocacy Goals and be able to effectively articulate them to foreign audiences as required.

Education and Experience Required:

At least 5 years marketing, international and program experience working for associations and conventions. Bachelor’s degree preferred.

Ability to speak Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese or French (although not necessary) would be a major plus.

Prior knowledge or experience in the biotechnology/life sciences field would be helpful, although not necessary.

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