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Summary: A new 501(c)(3) is being formed in 2011 under the leadership of a Jewish philanthropic consortium to advocate for charter schools and school choice at the state and federal levels. The Director manages the overall operations, management, and development of the Center and its divisions, personnel, budgets, and projects.

Duties: To uphold the values of the organization. The Director will work with colleagues and members of the Board of Directors to further the goals of the organization. Qualified candidates have relevant work experience including a passion for and knowledge of the nature of research, teamwork, professionalism, effective communication, and fundraising. The Director will plan, organize, implement, oversee, and control all operational and program functions. Expect direct collaboration with the Board to maintain and implement the established objectives and goals, and to support the governance and policy making functions of the Center. The Director will develop the diverse resources and funding streams necessary to financially support operations and projects. Applicants must be proficient in managing multiple grants, projects and/or contracts. They must have the ability to write and speak cogently and persuasively, and possess highly-developed collaborative abilities. Applicants require strong management skills with demonstrated capacity to start a new organization, recruit, retain, lead and marshal the talents of a diverse, professional, experienced, and creative staff. The Center will be based outside of Washington, D.C. but applicants are not required to move to be considered. Some travel is required.

Qualifications: This position requires strong management skills with extensive administrative and organizational experience in a leadership role. Policy experience in the field of education is preferred. Applicants must be comfortable with public communication, advocacy and the legislative process at the state and federal levels. Ideal candidates will be Republican and have experience with policy and politics. An advanced professional or academic degree is preferred but not required. A non-profit background, program planning, and research/procedural experience is helpful. Applicants must possess demonstrable leadership skills, creativity, and innovation in previous and/or current position(s). Excellent verbal and written communication skills, ability to act independently, and capability to make high-level decisions on behalf of the Center and the organization are required.

Salary: $150,000.00 - $225,000.00 depending upon experience.
To be considered, please submit your resume or CV to:

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