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JOB TITLE: Senior Manager, Health Policy & Reimbursement



The following is a composite job description of the general tasks performed by a health policy client advisor with the above listed job title within this firm. This description is intended to describe the general content of and requirements for the performance of the job. It is not all-inclusive, and the level of expertise in performing these services may vary depending on areas of expertise and years of experience. Employee will assist in rendering government affairs and health policy advisory services to life sciences clients including the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device sector.


Ø Analyze the potential impact of federal proposed and final rules, regulations, policies, legislation, and guidance documents for our clients and their product portfolio and/or product pipeline

Ø Prepare summaries, PowerPoint slides, or memorandum outlining the implications of federal proposed and final rules, regulations, policies, legislation and guidance documents for client distribution

Ø Analyze publicly available data that can be used to set healthcare policy such as payment, cost, and utilization data to assist clients in creating strategies

Ø Develop, edit and submit comments to federal agencies, including the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regarding proposed regulation and policy changes

Ø Review scientific literature to identify clinical evidence supporting policy recommendations and strategies.

Ø Work with medical specialty groups (when appropriate) and employ other research strategies to identify appropriate reimbursement pathways for new and existing products (i.e. need for new codes, use of existing codes, etc.)

Ø Assist in the development of value story documents to support appropriate reimbursement (coding, coverage, and payment) for the launch of new products including obtaining description of the clinical need for the new product, the mechanism of action, summary of clinical evidence, summary of health economic evidence and regulatory status, new or existing billing codes, template letters to support medical necessity of claims, clinical vignettes, and literature bibliographies

Ø Draft and edit PowerPoint presentations related to political analysis, health policy, and reimbursement

Ø Attend public hearings and meetings at federal agency offices and on Capitol Hill

Ø Synthesize and summarize outcomes of hearings and meetings for firm principals and/or clients

Ø Assist with creating regulatory and legislative strategy for clients

Ø Draft position papers, testimony and/or other materials, including data analysis, supporting client positions for submissions to Congress and to federal agencies

Ø Assist in preparation of weekly client communications and reports


Ø Must have the ability to work in a fast pace environment and adapt to quickly to new challenges

Ø Must keep a regular, predictable and timely attendance schedule

Ø The ability to appropriately interface with clients, high ranking government officials, and members of Congress

Ø Have the ability to work more than 40 hours per week when necessary to perform the essential duties of the position such as attending functions and events that occur outside of the office

Ø Other duties as assigned


Ø Previous health policy experience

Ø Bachelor's degree in healthcare or business related field of study

Ø Strong analytic (qualitative and quantitative) and organizational skills

Ø Excellent communication skills (oral and written)

Ø Demonstrated expertise in specialized areas.

Ø Ability to work supervised and unsupervised and to manage others on project based work, as necessary




Interested parties should forward a current resume to:

Tamar Thompson

Vice President Reimbursement & Health Policy

Jeffrey J. Kimbell and Associates

601 13th Street, NW

11th Floor South

Washington, DC 20005

202.534.1773 phone


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