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Association of Jewish Aging Services -- President and Chief Executive Officer

Association of Jewish Aging Services -- President and Chief Executive Officer

POSITION President and Chief Executive Officer

COMPANY Association of Jewish Aging Services

LOCATION Washington, DC



The Association of Jewish Aging Services (AJAS) was founded in 1960 as the North
American Association of Jewish Homes and Housing for the Aging. It was created
and continues to function as the central coordinator and advocacy organization for
homes and residential facilities for Jewish elderly in North America. Dr. Herbert
Shore was the driving force behind the establishment of AJAS and was the
organization's first president and its founding executive vice president. The AJAS
membership is comprised of over 100 organizations with Jewish-sponsored nursing
homes, housing communities, and outreach programs throughout the United States
and Canada. The organization is led by a 27-member Board and a 10-member
executive committee.

AJAS is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, providing a forum that promotes and
supports elder services in the context of Jewish values through education,
professional development, advocacy and community relationships. AJAS represents
the best interests of the Jewish aged in communities where membership organizations
are located. The members of AJAS administer to the needs of the aging through
residential health care; assisted living and group homes; independent and congregate
housing; and living-at-home service programs.

AJAS functions to promote the unique role and mission of Jewish-sponsored not-forprofit
organizations serving the aging by arranging educational meetings for the
mutual exchange of information and ideas for members and all organizations for the
aging by working jointly with and supporting other organizations which serve the
aging; by working with members to improve the operation and status of each
members’ organization; and by concerning itself with the welfare of and advocacy for
all elderly.

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