Friday, December 31, 2010

Internship with Congressman Conyers

Subject: internship in rep conyers office
Rep. Conyers office is currently looking for interns for next semester, beginning in January and ending in late spring. The internship is open to all current students.

Information for Prospective Interns

The perfect person would be pleasant on the phone, friendly to office visitors, and eager to assist my staff with projects and general office duties. Hours are flexible, but interns should put in at least 12 hours a week..

To provide you with complete exposure to the workings of a Congressional office - which we hope will be an exciting experience!

Job Description
Legislative Assistance:
You will work with the legislative assistants whose assigned issues are of interest to you. A major responsibility will be helping Congressman Conyers answer constituent mail. Also, you will have the opportunity to evaluate legislation and to draft statements for Representative Conyers. Opportunities in this area are limited only by your talents and efforts.
Special Research: You will choose a topic to research. Your findings may lead you to suggest legislation for introduction or to draft a statement for the "Congressional Record."
Clerical and General Office Tasks: You will file, draft letters, sort mail, and help out with the telephones.

How to Apply
The most basic requirement is that you communicate well. You will be expected to keep regular hours, do your own typing, and be politically aware. Additionally, a sense of humor helps to get through the sometimes hectic days in a Congressional office.

We are currently accepting applications for spring internships. We look forward to reviewing your application.

Please click on the link below to apply.


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