Friday, November 19, 2010

Senate Finance Committee Democratic Staff Tax Team--3 Openings

Job Openings
Senate Finance Committee Democratic Staff Tax Team

The Finance Committee Democratic staff is looking to fill the following three positions:

(1)    Tax Counsel/Advisor for Corporate Income Taxation
(2)    Tax Counsel/Advisor for International Taxation
(3)    Tax Counsel/Advisor for Tax Reform


The Democratic staff tax team of 10 advises Chairman Max Baucus (D-MT) and the eleven other Democratic Senators on the Finance Committee regarding tax matters. We welcome professionals with different skill sets and from many disciplines.  However, all applicants must have substantial expertise in their area of focus.  Specifically, we seek applicants with all of the following characteristics:
·       Exceptional oral and written communication skills.  Ability to explain complicated concepts succinctly and clearly. 
·       Excellent analytic skills and a quick learner.
·       Ability to listen carefully and understand others’ underlying concerns.  Good instincts for what policies will attract support.
·       A team player who can adapt to the needs of the Committee and is willing to support and ask for help from other team members.  Enjoys working with others, and is comfortable in a high-paced work environment.
·       A passion for tax policy.  Prior experience working on tax policy in Washington is appreciated but not required.
·       Tax Counsel/Advisor for Corporate Income Taxation:  Substantial experience in, and technical knowledge of, corporate income taxation.  Understanding of broad debates about corporate income tax policy.
·       Tax Counsel/Advisor for International Taxation:  Substantial experience in, and technical knowledge of, international taxation, including a familiarity with other countries’ tax regimes.  Understanding of broad debates about international tax policy.
·       Tax Counsel/Advisor for Tax Reform:  Deep understanding of tax policy and its effects.  Background in and comfort with public finance and empirical research.
Each Tax Counsel/Advisor has primary responsibility for issues in his or her portfolio.  The Tax Counsel for Tax Reform will work with the Tax Counsels for each relevant substantive areas on broad reform issues and proposals.  Responsibilities for all Tax Counsels/Advisors include:
·         Researching, developing and tracking legislative proposals.
·         Preparing briefing materials, memos, talking points, and speeches for Senator Baucus.
·         Briefing Senator Baucus for Finance Committee hearings and legislative mark-ups and on relevant tax issues.
·         Participating in regular meetings with House and Senate leadership staff and committee staff on tax policy issues.
·         Meeting with constituents, advocates, interest groups, and Administration representatives on issues in your portfolio.
·         Organizing hearings and contributing to white papers issued by the Committee.
·         Supervising research assistants, law clerks and interns in compiling background research on relevant issues.
·         As needed, supporting other members of the Finance Committee Democratic staff on other legislative proposals outside one’s portfolio as the legislative session progresses.

Interested candidates should submit a resume to Blaise Cote at 219 Dirksen Senate Office Building, Washington, D.C. 20510, or fax to 202-228-3904 or email to

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