Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Director of Global Advocacy--Malaria Policy Center

Job Description
Director of Global Advocacy
Malaria Policy Center

About Malaria No More
Malaria No More has one and only one mission: ending malaria deaths in Africa.
The world has known how to defeat malaria for more than a century, yet it remains the number one killer of children under five in Africa, claiming more than one million lives a year. Malaria No More (MNM) works to raise the profile of the disease among the public, policymakers, and businesses, while engaging both the public and private sector to provide life-saving bed nets and other critical interventions to families in Africa.
Our role as a catalyst is to maximize opportunities to save lives through communications, resources and investments. Each area of our work leverages the others to form a virtuous cycle for impact. We make high-yield investments of time and capital to speed progress, unlock resources, mobilize new assets and spur the world toward reaching this goal.
About the Malaria No More Policy Center

The Malaria Policy Center (MPC) leads MNM’s advocacy efforts. Despite being less than four years old, it has become a recognized leader in raising awareness among policymakers and opinion leaders, both here and around the world. Headquartered in Washington, D.C., the MPC has worked tirelessly to turn the malaria challenge into the first great humanitarian victory of the 21st Century.

The Policy Center:
 Conducts research and analysis of the malaria field to provide a robust assessment and corresponding policy agenda for the issue;
 Educates policymakers, the media and other opinion leaders on the issue of malaria, including its scope, impact and needed interventions;
 Raises awareness and support for malaria among the G8 and other donor-nations;
 Leverages support to enact effective policies to ensure a significant and sustained investment in funding to fight malaria;
 Builds coalitions among world policymakers in an effort to maximize the effectiveness of policies and investments; and
 In addition to supporting the work of groups like the new African Leaders Malaria Alliance, the MPC works closely with the Congressional Malaria Caucus and Senate Working Group on Malaria on Capitol Hill, Friends of the Global Fight, ONE, World Vision, Roll Back Malaria and other key coalitions and organizations. To assist the MPC in its global reach, it works with MNM affiliates and teams in the United Kingdom, Canada, the Netherlands, Senegal and Tanzania.

Job Description:

The MPC is seeking a Director of Global Advocacy (DGA) to oversee and manage its US and global policy agenda. The DGA will help lead the Center’s advocacy agenda to leverage government funding devoted to ending deaths from malaria by working with US and international governments. In addition, the DGA will be expected to supervise staff resources in furtherance of these goals.

The Director of Global Advocacy will:
 Design and execute strategies to increase funding and improve government polices to fight malaria;
 Expand advocacy partnerships in the U.S. and around the globe;
 Track and analyze current malaria data and policy progress; identify necessary research and data collection to appropriately inform policy agenda;
 Oversee the production of key policy materials, including white papers and fact sheets;
 Represent the Center at important meetings and global health advocacy conferences;
 Cultivate relationships with influential leaders in international governments and NGO organizations;
 Manage communications of entire affiliate network to promote information and best practice sharing;

 Develop effective relationships with leaders of international advocacy organizations;
 Develop effective relationships with key leaders in Federal agencies involved in global health policy making and program implementation; and
 Represent the Center and MNM at relevant international forums.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

The Director of Global Advocacy position calls for a motivated and energetic individual to help grow an organization that conducts highly effective global health policy advocacy. The successful candidate will have political experience and knowledge of foreign assistance and global health issues. The position requires significant advocacy, policy and relationship-building experience. Other qualifications include:
 Working directly on global health issues or global development issues;
 A working knowledge of the budget and appropriations process;
 A demonstrated ability to work across party lines and build strategic partnerships;
 Excellent communications and advocacy skills;
 Experience working with international governments and organizations;
 The aptitude to effectively and proactively communicate with a variety of audiences; and
 Capitol Hill legislative experience and/or campaign experience.

To apply, please submit cover letter and resume to:

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