Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Mansfield Fellowship Program

The Mike Mansfield Fellowship Program

Learn How Issues and Policies Are Handled in Japan…

What is the Mansfield Fellowship? A two-year government-to-government exchange program with Japan. Fellows spend one year in intensive Japanese language and area studies training in Washington, D.C. and one year working in Japanese government offices.

Who can apply, and how are they funded? Federal government employees with at least two consecutive years of service and a career interest in issues of importance to the U.S.-Japan relationship can apply. Applicants are either executive branch agency funded “detailees” or non-funded detailees (also known as “non-detailees”). Detailees continue to receive their salaries and benefits from their U.S. agencies, while non-detailees’ salaries are funded through the Fellowship Program. Congressional staff are always non-detailees and may have to separate from federal service. Executive branch employees need not separate from federal service.

The Mansfield Foundation covers the cost of airfare and provides financial support for housing in Tokyo, education for school-age children, and other related expenses for both detailees and non-detailees.

What are the benefits to my agency and me? Federal employees gain a unique set of knowledge and skills that enables them to lead and contribute to their agencies’ work on issues, programs, and policies involving Japan.

Gain a deep and practical understanding of Japan’s government policies, work culture, and decision-making processes through firsthand experience in Japan’s government and private sector.
Develop a network of Japan contacts to facilitate cooperative working relationships that continue long after Fellows return to the United States.
Foster a network of U.S. government contacts through the Fellowship alumni network, which can facilitate interagency and international cooperation.
No break in federal service for executive branch participants.
How can I learn more about the Mansfield Fellowships?

Visit the Mansfield Fellowships website and see the Fellowship brochure
Bi-monthly information sessions from September 2011-March 2012
Application deadline: April 2, 2012

The Mansfield Fellowship Program is administered by the Maureen and Mike Mansfield Foundation with the U.S. Department of State, Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, as grantor.

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